Airport Pick Up And Accommodation

It is indeed a very happy moment for international students when they get visa. But at the same time it makes nervous too as they have to leave their family and friends behind. Moreover, the fear of landing in the alien country where you don't know anybody and, everything like language and culture is new.

Majority of foreign students get very anxious as to how they will start a completely new life in Australia. Many students get nervous regarding navigating in a new place. They may have lots of questions that come in their mind such as where to stay? How to go to their college or university? Where to search for part-time jobs and how to apply? And many moreโ€ฆ

Not to worry, Good Way Education and Visa Services extend all kinds of assistance to foreign students to make sure that their initial stay in Australia becomes very easy and comfortable. We provide all necessary traveling guidance in advance such as getting your travel insurance, purchasing your air ticket and documents that are required in Australian immigration. We also provide pickup facility from airport as it may be very nerve wrecking to come to new country for the first time. 

Besides, we work closely with some reliable real estate agents also. We can help find accommodation for foreign students according to their budget and necessity. Cost of rent varies all over Australia. Rental costs are high in urban areas compared to rural area. Major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne have high rental cost compared to Adelaide, Perth etc. 

Overseas students can work for up to 20 hours a week during their semester and full time during their semester break. New international students may find it difficult to find their first part-time job. Counselors at Good Way Education and Visa Services can provide some direction on job possibilities, and provide you with list of job openings

We also provide orientation to new international students so that they no longer remain unknown to performing essential daily activities like purchasing required goods, getting a new phone number, travelling around the city etc. International students are required to make a request well ahead for such services. 

Lastly, if international students come across any issue regarding their course of study or immigration, they can contact us directly.