Australian Border reopening for International Students?

Australian Border reopening for International Students?

Australian officials are planning to trial home quarantine system for those who is fully vaccinated international travellers arriving in Sydney as Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on his press meet. Despite persistent COVID-19 cases the country is moving to its border reopening.

"This is the next step in our plan to safely reopen, and to stay safely open," Morrison said, adding the trial could set the standard for the way "we live with COVID-19."

March 2020 is when Australia closed its border in response to pandemic. Only Australian citizens and permanent exclusively is allowed to enter undergoing mandatory two-week hotel quarantine on their own expenses. But this is going to different when Australia reaches 70-80% vaccination rate for its adult population as per federal government’s reopening plan.

"This is very welcome news for our crews who have been flying overseas to bring Australians home and to carry essential freight, chalking up months in quarantine since the pandemic began," Qantas Chief Executive Alan Joyce said in a statement.

 So, what exactly international students can expect to re-enter Australia? To answer this question, we need to know few things:

Be Vaccinated

Approved COVID -19 vaccine is key to enter Australia. Anyone entering to Australia will need to be fully vaccinated. Currently, vaccines approved by TGA include AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson.


Quarantining in Australia

“The pilot programme is being run in partnership with the Commonwealth government and findings will inform future quarantine programmes,” said Morrison. Upon running this pilot program current quarantining in hotel for two weeks on your own cost will go to seven days quarantine at home.

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